Beyond BASICS:. scoping review of novel intervention content to enhance the efficacy of brief alcohol interventions for emerging adults.


Objective: Brief motivational interventions (BMIs) that include personalized drinking feedback delivered in. motivational interviewing (MI) style have demonstrated reductions in drinking across numerous clinical trials with emerging adults (EAs) ages 18–25. However, effect sizes for these BMIs are generally small to moderate and drinking reductions are often not maintained beyond short-term follow-ups. Additionally, EAs may be more interested in approaches that highlight wellness, mood enhancement, or goal pursuit rather than programs focused exclusively on reducing alcohol-related risk. Thus, there is. need to evaluate novel intervention content as an alternative or supplement to BMIs in this high-risk population. Method: This scoping review examined studies of novel intervention elements to reduce alcohol consumption among EAs. Eligible studies were published in peer-reviewed journals in English from January 2015 to September 2021 and evaluated novel brief interventions, operationalized as one to five sessions focused on alcoholrelated outcomes with key content beyond what has typically been included in alcohol BMIs. Results were categorized as additions to BMIs or stand-alone interventions and were synthesized within these categories by theoretical approach. Results: Although standard in-person BMIs have the greatest empirical support, there are. variety of alternative intervention approaches that might enhance health and wellness and that can be feasibly integrated with BMIs or offered as an appealing “gateway” to increase help-seeking among EAs who drink alcohol. Conclusions: More research is needed to empirically evaluate both the relative efficacy of supplements and stand-alone alternatives to BMI among higher risk EAs and their potential for widespread dissemination.

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Psychology of Addictive Behaviors