Childhood Exposure to Partner Violence as a Moderator of Current Partner Violence and Negative Parenting


This study examined the interactive effect of mothers’ exposure to caregiver intimate partner violence (IPV) during childhood and the amount of violence experienced with a current partner on negative parenting practices. Mothers (N = 119) were recruited from community sites serving individuals experiencing IPV. Findings indicated that the following childhood IPV exposure variables moderated the association between current IPV severity and negative parenting practices: total types of IPV witnessed (B = 0.01, t = 2.65, p <.01), witnessing sexual IPV (B = 0.02, t = 2.16, p <.05), and witnessing psychological IPV (B = 0.03, t = 2.79, p <.01). Results highlight the intergenerational effect of violence and the importance of addressing trauma across the family system.

Publication Title

Violence Against Women