Cognitive Trauma Therapy for Battered Women: Replication and Extension


To replicate and extend findings from a previous controlled trial of Cognitive Trauma Therapy for Battered Women (CTT-BW; Kubany et al., 2004), the current study presents data on the treatment of 8 women with PTSD related to intimate partner violence (IPV). Method: CTT-BW was administered weekly, using the manual provided by Kubany and a multiple baseline across participants design. Participants were assessed for PTSD and depression, as well as secondary outcomes. Results: Significant decreases from pre-to posttreatment were noted in PTSD (Hedges g = 1.90) and depression (Hedges g = 1.52), the primary outcomes. Obtained effect sizes for PTSD and depression can be classified as large. Anxiety, self-esteem, and quality of life improved significantly during the pre-to posttreatment interval. Conclusions: Results are discussed in light of treatment needs for women with PTSD related to IPV and the potential for CTT-BW to be used in diverse settings.

Publication Title

Psychology of Violence