Community based educational data repositories and analysis tools


This workshop will explore community based repositories for educational data and analytic tools that are used to connect researchers and reduce the barriers to data sharing. Leading innovators in the field, as well as attendees, will identify and report on bottlenecks that remain toward our goal of a unified repository. We will discuss these as well as possible solutions. We will present LearnSphere, an NSF funded system that supports collaborating on and sharing a wide variety of educational data, learning analytics methods, and visualizations while maintaining confidentiality. We will then have hands-on sessions in which attendees have the opportunity to apply existing learning analytics workflows to their choice of educational datasets in the repository (using a simple drag-and-drop interface), add their own learning analytics workflows (requires very basic coding experience), or both. Leaders and attendees will then jointly discuss the unique benefits as well as the limitations of these solutions. Our goal is to create building blocks to allow researchers to integrate their data and analysis methods with others, in order to advance the future of learning science.

Publication Title

ACM International Conference Proceeding Series