Development and Validation of the Chinese Version of Short-Form of Interpersonal Sensitivity Measure (IPSM)


This study was conducted to develop a short form of the Interpersonal Sensitivity Measure (IPSM), translated into Chinese. A total of 1237 Chinese undergraduates, divided into four groups, participated during various phases of scale development. Exploratory factor analysis supported a five-factor structure of the IPSM-C among Chinese undergraduates, which is in accordance with the original model established by Boyce and Parker that contained 36 items. We next developed a 15-item short form of the IPSM (IPSM-CS) whose structural validity was comparable to the full form. All IPSM-CS sub-scales, as well as the total scale, showed good internal consistency, test–retest reliability and criterion-related validity. The present results indicate that the IPSM-CS may be a useful and reliable alternative to the original IPSM for individuals fluent in Chinese.

Publication Title

Community Mental Health Journal