Distinguishing between organogenic and psychogenic erectile dysfunction


Waking assessment of erectile responses using erotic films and self-stimulation differentiated psychogenic and organogenic erectile dysfunction. The high number of false positives among the organogenics and false negatives among the psychogenics indicate that there is no single biological marker for organogenic erectile dysfunction. On a continuous cognitive measure psychogenics consistently underestimated their degree of erection, while organogenics overestimated their amount of erection. The results suggest that one session of waking erectile assessment provides as much or more information than more expensive and time-consuming nocturnal penile tumescence recordings. The data also strongly suggest that organogenic and psychogenic are not dictotomous categories and that a multi-faceted assessment of erectile potential, psychological factors, etiological factors and the current social and interpersonal context of sexual behavior, is necessary for successful medical or psychological treatment planning. © 1987.

Publication Title

Behaviour Research and Therapy