Nucleotide sequence of neurospora crassa cytoplasmic initiator tRNA


Initiator methionine tRNA from the cytoplasm of Neurospora crassa has been purified and sequenced. The sequence is: pAGCUGCAUm1GGCGCAGCGGAAGCGCm222GCGY*CUCAUt6 AACCCGGAGM7GU (or D) - CACUCGAUCGm1 AAACGAG*UUGCAGCUACCAOH Similar to initiator tRNAs from the cytoplasm of other eukaryotes, this tRNA also contains the sequence -AUCG- instead of the usual -TψCG(or A)- found in loop IV of other tRNAS. The sequence of the N. crassa cytoplasmic initiator tRNA is quite different from that of the cor responding mitochondrial initiator tRNA. Comparison of the sequence of N. crassa cytoplasmic initiator tRNA to those of yeast, wheat germ and vertebrate cytoplasmic initiator tRNA indicates that the sequences of the two fungal tRNAs are no more similar to each other thin they are to those of other initiator tRNAs. © 1977 Information Retrieval Limited.

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Nucleic Acids Research