Electronix Tutor integrates multiple learning resources to teach electronics on the web


ElectronixTutor is a new Intelligent Tutoring System for electronics that integrates multiple intelligent learning resources, including AutoTutor, Dragoon, LearnForm, ASSISTments, and BEETLE-II, as well as Point & Query hotspots on diagrams and numerous text documents on the subject of electronics. ElectronixTutor's student model contains a set of electronics knowledge components (e.g., "transistor behavior"), each of which are taught by multiple learning resources. ElectronixTutor also features a recommender system, which suggests topics and resources for the student to try based on the student model. ElectronixTutor uses a Moodle interface, and is accessible to anyone via a web browser. Currently, ElectronixTutor is being tested by undergraduate electronics students before supplementing Naval Apprentice Technician Training coursework in the fall of 2018.

Publication Title

Proceedings of the 5th Annual ACM Conference on Learning at Scale, L at S 2018