GnuTutor: An open source intelligent tutoring system based on AutoTutor


This paper presents GnuTutor, an open source intelligent tutoring system (ITS) inspired by the AutoTutor ITS. The goal of GnuTutor is to create a freely available, open source ITS platform that can be used by schools and researchers alike. To achieve this goal, significant departures from AutoTutor's current design were made so that GnuTutor would use a smaller, non-proprietary code base but have the major functionality of AutoTutor, including mixed-initiative dialogue, an animated agent, speech act classification, and natural language understanding using latent semantic analysis. This paper describes the GnuTutor system, its components, and the major differences between GnuTutor and AutoTutor. Copyright © 2009, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence. All rights reserved.

Publication Title

AAAI Fall Symposium - Technical Report

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