Inconsistencies in Mothers' and Group Therapists' Evaluations of Resilience in Preschool Children who Live in Households with Intimate Partner Violence


The association between mother-reported child adjustment problems and group therapists' ratings of resilience was evaluated in preschool-aged children who reside in homes where intimate partner violence (IPV) is present. Multiple reporters' evaluations of resilience were assessed to determine how young children display resilience at home and in treatment. Reporters were mothers and child therapists who evaluated resilience in 52 preschoolers who lived in households where IPV occurs. Group therapists' ratings of resilience were negatively correlated with children's externalizing behavior problems. Findings indicated poor rater agreement between mothers and group therapists on some aspects of resilience. Evaluations differed based on demographic factors, with the most variability in resilience by child age. Given the lack of research on this topic and the common practice of only one informant supplying most of the data used in studies of child functioning, the current study provides unique information by comparing multiple reports across settings. © 2012 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

Publication Title

Journal of Family Violence