Mapping of quantitative trait loci with knockout/congenic strains


Recently we have explored the use of knockout/congenic mouse strains for isolating and mapping quantitative trait loci (QTLs). Because most knockout strains have been bred to be B6.129 congenic strains, they can be used to test for QTLs in the targeted chromosomal area as long as there is a genetic difference between B6 and 129. Thus, we have tested a number of knockout/congenic strains in a series of behavioral tests in which mouse performance has a significant genetic component. We have also developed a breeding scheme for distinguishing the effects of background flanking genes from the targeted ablation. In screening several knockout/congenics, we have found at least one that harbors a behavioral QTL in the 129 chromosomal segment. The position of this QTL was confirmed subsequently by several F1 crosses.

Publication Title

Genome Research