Millon clinical multiaxial inventory profiles and maladjustment in the military: Preliminary findings


The Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory (MCMI) profiles of 69 active duty male soldiers who presented to an outpatient mental health clinic for a broad range of problems are compared to a local normative sample of 84 males. The clinical and comparison groups differed significantly on all 20 scales. In agreement with previous findings, the mean profile for the clinical group was a 2 (Avoidant) - 8 (Passive-Aggressive) codetype, whereas the comparison group showed a 5 (Narcissistic) - 6 (Antisocial) codetype. Findings offer specific codetypes that effectively discriminate functional versus dysfunctional individuals in a military setting and provide an empirical foundation on which to base future, and critically important, prospective studies of the predictive validity of the MCMI with military personnel. The potential role of the MCMI as a screening and assessment tool in military settings is discussed.

Publication Title

Military Medicine