Negative Attributional Style for Interpersonal Events and the Occurrence of Severe Interpersonal Disruptions as Predictors of Self‐Reported Suicidal Ideation


We applied the hopelessness theory of depression to suicidal symptoms: 203 undergraduates completed questionnaires on attributional style, negative life events, hopelessness, and suicidal symptoms at one point in time and again 10 weeks later. Consistent with prediction, the combination of a negative attributional style for interpersonal events and the occurrence of such events were prospectively related to increases in self‐reported suicidally over the course of the 10‐week study. These findings displayed specificity with respect to interpersonal versus achievement‐related styles and events. Contrary to hypothesis, hopelessness did not mediate the relation between the Attributional style x Stress interaction and the increases in self‐reported suicidality. 1995 The American Association for Suicidology

Publication Title

Suicide and Life‐Threatening Behavior