Pain profiles of patients with nonorganic chest pain: A preliminary report of the multidimensional pain inventory


The primary purpose of this report is to extend the range of the Multidimensional Pain Inventory (MPI) to include patients with nonorganic chest pain. Previous research with the MPI has not included this patient population, although this instrument has been used to derive an empirically based taxonomy of patient responses to chronic pain. Scale scores are provided for a sample of 43 chest pain patients and compared with normative scores from samples of chronic lower back pain patients and patients suffering from temporomandibular disorder. The MPI taxonomy was applicable for only 34.8% (N = 15) of this sample. Scale intercorrelations are examined and compared with those derived during development of the MPI, to explore reasons for this low classification rate. The results are discussed in light of cognitive-behavioral factors present in persistent chest pain, with implications for scale development and use of the MPI. © 1992.

Publication Title

Journal of Pain and Symptom Management