Prevention of relapse in full-spectrum home training for primary enuresis: A components analysis


Forty-five primary enuretic children were randomly assigned to three treatment groups comprised of sequentially, combined components of Full Spectrum Home Training: bell-and-pad treatment, retention control training, and overlearning. Eleven children served as wait-list controls and showed no spontaneous remission. The group that received all three components reached success criterion (14 consecutive dry nights) faster than the group that received the first component alone. In addition, relapse at 3-month follow-up was significantly less for the group that received all three components compared to groups that received either the first or the first two in combination. Retreatment of relapsers was successful in 22% of re-treated cases. It is suggested that overlearning be routinely incorporated into bell-and-pad treatments to prevent relapse. © 1986 Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy. All rights reserved.

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Behavior Therapy