Psychometric properties of measures of behavioral inhibition with preschool-age children: Implications for assessment of children at risk for ADHD


Measures of behavioral inhibition offer promise in research with young children with ADHD. This study investigated the factorial validity, ecological validity, and temporal reliability of five performance-based measures of behavioral inhibition in a sample of 70 3-, 4-, and 5-year-old children. An exploratory factor analysis yielded a single factor that accounted for 45% of the variance in the analysis. This factor was found to significantly correlate with teacher ratings of aggression and inattention and was found to differentiate both between sexes and between older and younger children. Several individual measures of behavioral inhibition demonstrated statistically significant correlations with teacher ratings of aggression and inattention. Adequate 1- to 2-week test-retest reliability was demonstrated for only two measures. Some limitations of the study are discussed and suggestions for future research are presented. Copyright © 2001 Multi-Health Systems Inc.

Publication Title

Journal of Attention Disorders