Signatures for torque variation in wheat dough structure are affected by enzymatic treatments and heating


Molecular interactions in dough are poorly defined but affect final product usage. By monitoring changes in torque as dough is formed, we identified 80–85 °C as a gateway stage determining dough collapse during the mixing/heating process. We propose that this phenomenon is a diagnostic signature linked to integral features of dough complexes formed by some wheat varieties but not others. We found the dough at 80–85 °C was stabilized by increasing the starting bowl temperature (before a standard linear increase in temperature) of the mixing process and demonstrated the significance of specific macromolecular interactions that are formed early in the mixing process. Enzymes including papain, alpha-amylase, glucose oxidase and phytase stabilized dough structure to facilitate transition through the gateway temperatures between 80 and 85 °C. Our results show that if the dough initially formed a protein-starch complex that was too large, instability and collapse of the structure can occur later.

Publication Title

Food Chemistry