Toward a categorization of depression-related psychological constructs


We conducted two factor-analytic studies of eight depression-related constructs (internal, stable, and global dimensions of attributional style, dysfunctional attitudes, self-esteem, reassurance-seeking, and cognitive and somatic depressed symptoms) among 673 undergraduates. Study 1's exploratory factor analysis revealed that the attributional stability and globality dimensions comprised an Attributional Generality factor; that dysfunctional attitudes and self-esteem loaded onto a separate factor labeled Self-Regard; and that cognitive and somatic depressed symptoms made up their own separate factor, which also included self-esteem. Study 2's LISREL confirmatory factor analyses confirmed Study 1's findings. Results on attributional internality and reassurance-seeking were equivocal. We discuss the implications of the results for depression theory and research.

Publication Title

Cognitive Therapy and Research