Tutorial dialog in natural language


This chapter reviews our past and ongoing investigations into conversational interaction during human tutoring and our attempts to build intelligent tutoring systems (ITS) to simulate this interaction. We have previously modeled the strategies, actions, and dialogue of novice tutors in an ITS, called AutoTutor, with learning gains comparable to novice tutors. There is evidence, however, that expert human tutors may foster exceptional learning gains beyond those reported for some categories of human tutors. We have undertaken a rigorous, large scale study of expert human tutors and are using these data to create Guru, an expert ITS for high school biology. Based on our analyses, expert human tutoring has several distinctive features which differ from novice human tutoring. These distinctive features have implications for the development of an expert ITS, and we briefly describe how these are being addressed in Guru. © 2010 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

Publication Title

Studies in Computational Intelligence