Tutorial: Why data standards are critical for EDM and AIED


As EDM and AIED innovations proliferate, the ability for diverse products to consistently interpret each other’s data will emerge as a critical issue. Formal data interoperability standards that enable diverse datasets to be curated, accessed, merged/compared and fruitfully analyzed will play a crucial role in research and in the successful mass adoption of products based on that research, as will standards that enable systems to produce data that can be mined by existing and yet-to-be-invented algorithms. Yet this important topic is often neglected by researchers and system developers, who naturally focus on the specific problems they set out to solve and do not consider how they can either contribute or consume data produced by other systems or how their innovations will fit into larger ecosystems. This tutorial is intended to: • Raise awareness of the role of standards and their criticality for EDM and AIED; • Provide participants with an understanding of the nature, status, and current activity of multiple international standards development effort relevant to educational data; • Provide participants with insight into how they can beneficially apply standards and, in some cases, contribute to their development.

Publication Title

Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Educational Data Mining, EDM 2017

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