African-American boys in relative care and a culturally centered group mentoring approach


An innovative culturally centered group mentoring intervention is piloted with African-American boys in a relative caregiver program in Memphis. The integration of the Afrocentric conceptual framework is described. Its appropriateness for a group of at-risk urban youth is discussed. The implementation strategy includes promoting spirituality via a culturally centered mentoring approach. Spirituality is emphasized as a potential protective factor and is explored with a unique short questionnaire. The perceptions of the relative caregivers are also measured in an attempt to gauge influence of the intervention. Outcomes indicating a slight increase in spiritual orientation among the youth and improved school and home behavior are discussed, as are the limitations of this innovative culturally centered group mentoring effort. Strategies for further evaluation research are also provided. Copyright © by The Haworth Press, Inc. All rights reserved.

Publication Title

Social Work with Groups