Literacy Workshops: School Social Workers Enhancing Educational Connections between Educators, Early Childhood Students, and Families


Parents and family members play an essential role in the literacy development of their children. Research indicates that children with disabilities enrolled in early childhood programs are likely to experience marginalization in terms of receiving educational services. This research emphasizes the importance of exposing students with disabilities enrolled in early childhood programs (preK) to literacy-rich home and school environments. School social workers often play an integral part in meeting both educational and behavioral needs of children in schools. Using data collected during a social worker-facilitated Routines-Based Interview, teams of professionals can develop targeted early literacy workshops designed to strengthen the connection between parents and their children's school. The authors conceptualize how an interdisciplinary approach involving the school social worker is essential in developing interactive literacy workshops designed to enhance the development of children's early literacy skills within the home and school environment. The article includes a discussion on the planning stages, reading interventions, sample workshop activities, and actual implementation of the literacy workshop.

Publication Title

Children and Schools