Women living with HIV tell their stories with photovoice


23 women shared stories of the realities of living with HIV through photographic documentation and critical dialogue with peers about the challenges they face, how they have overcome these challenges and what hopes they have for their future. Qualitative analysis of group session transcripts revealed seven major themes; medication adherence, substance abuse, criminal history, relationships with children, ending unhealthy relationships, reframing and helping others. Participants made use of their HIV diagnosis to find meaning in life and focus on the actions that they can take to better themselves, contributing to each one’s growth and development. Understanding what women view as important aspects of their experience living with HIV may provide valuable information for developing more efficacious interventions and policies for this population. Implications for social work practice include offering women with HIV mental health and substance use treatment, providing gender-specific peer support services, and eliminating the criminalization of HIV.

Publication Title

Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment