Remodeling of the Aortic Smooth Muscle Cell Cytoskeleton During Developmental and Pathological Conditions


The remodeling of aortic smooth muscle cell cytoskeleton has been investigated qualitatively and quantitatively during rat aorta development and experimental or human atheromatosis, using immunofluorescent and biochemical techniques. The cytoskeleton of smooth muscle cells in the intimal thickening 15 days after endothelial removal and in human atheromatous plaque is very similar to that of poorly differentiated aortic smooth muscle cells of foetal and newborn rats. Our studies suggest that cytoskeletal changes (a switch in the synthesis of actin isoforms in particular) are reliable markers of proliferative aortic smooth muscle cells, and of atheromatous smooth muscle cells. © 1985, Gustav Fischer Verlag · Stuttgart · New York. All rights reserved.

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Pathology Research and Practice