Disrupting institutional erasure: Organizational exit, remembrance, value, and the need to matter


Nearing the end of my career, this narrative reflects my thoughts as I enter unknown territory—exiting my postsecondary institution and entering retirement. After a lifetime of working, this piece lays bare my (a) thoughts about being a Black female professor continually fighting for credibility in an academic war zone during my career and (b) apprehension as I ponder the aging process and what the future holds. My desire is not only to be accorded faculty emeritus status but to be remembered as an asset. Don't we all want to be viewed as valuable? Consistent with the scholarship about psychological needs to matter, after retirement, I want to reflect on my career believing my colleagues remember the importance of my presence, their ability to depend on me, and how much better academic life would be where I still on board.

Publication Title

Gender, Work and Organization