Perioperative Continuous Noninvasive Arterial Pressure Monitoring for Neuroendovascular Interventions: Prospective Study for Evaluation of the Vascular Unloading Technique


Background: Blood pressure monitoring is crucial during neuroendovascular procedures. Intraoperative hemodynamic instability is associated with complications, which underscores the importance of continuous monitoring. Although direct measurement with an intra-arterial catheter is the gold standard for determining arterial pressure, it is costly, time-consuming, and associated with complications. The novel ClearSight system offers a noninvasive technique for monitoring arterial pressure via a finger cuff. This study compared noninvasive arterial pressure measurements with the gold standard method. Methods: Simultaneous recording of noninvasive and invasive arterial pressure was performed in patients undergoing neuroendovascular interventions. Both techniques were compared employing linear regression, Lin's correlation coefficient, Bland-Altman, and error grid analysis. Results: The study enrolled 24 consecutive patients. The concordance correlation coefficient between both methods was 0.3526 (95% confidence interval [0.3134, 0.3906]) for mean arterial pressure and 0.4680 (95% confidence interval [0.4353, 0.4995]) and for systolic arterial pressure. The mean (SD) of the differences was 0.81 (17.86) mm Hg (95% limits of agreement [−52.52, 54.14]) for mean arterial pressure and 5.38 (14.64) mm Hg (95% limits of agreement [−45.12, 56.08]) for systolic arterial pressure. Error grid analysis demonstrated that the majority of measurements lie in regions with no or low risk for patients (mean arterial pressure, 71.0% and 24.4%; systolic arterial pressure, 59.2% and 25.8%). Conclusions: The ClearSight system provided accurate measurements of arterial blood pressure compared with invasive methods and within safe clinical parameters. This method may serve as a safe and reliable alternative for invasive blood pressure monitoring during neuroendovascular procedures.

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World Neurosurgery