SEM analysis of body hairs and whiskers of heterozygous tortoiseshell (Mo(to)/+) female mice (Mus musculus)


Back hairs of +/+ and Mo(to)/+ female Mus musculus generally exhibited identical form when examined by SEM. However, the hair shafts of Mo(to)/+ female mice were beaded in appearance (monilethrix), twisted (pili torti) or exhibited a rough nodular appearance. Also, some hairs of Mo(to)/+ female mice which were devoid of pigment appeared enlarged and bitubular. The whiskers of +/+ and Mo(to)/+ female mice were identical in form. The hair abnormalities of Mo(to)/+ female mice resulted from a copper deficiency and were similar to those hair anomalies observed in other mottled mice and in copper-deficient crinkled mice.

Publication Title

Journal of Anatomy

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