Acute ingestion of a novel nitrate-rich dietary supplement significantly increases plasma nitrate/nitrite in physically active men and women


Background: Dietary supplements purported to increase circulating nitric oxide are very popular among consumers. We determined the acute impact of two novel dietary supplements on plasma nitrate/nitrite (NOx) and nitrite alone. Methods: 20 men and women (age: 24 ± 5 years) ingested two different nitrate-rich supplements (Resync Recovery Blend at 7.5 g and 15 g; Resync Collagen Blend at 21 g), or placebo, on four different days. Fasting blood samples were obtained before and 75 min following ingestion and analyzed for NOx and nitrite. Results: Nitrite was not differently impacted by treatment (p > 0.05). The NOx response for men and women was very similar, with no sex interactions noted (p > 0.05). Condition (p < 0.0001), time (p < 0.0001), and condition x time (p < 0.0001) effects were noted for NOx. Values increased from baseline to post-ingestion for the Resync Recovery Blend at 7.5 g (11 ± 9 to 101 ± 48 µM) and at 15 g (9 ± 5 to 176 ± 91µM), as well as for the Resync Collagen Blend (9 ± 9 to 46 ± 21µM), while values for placebo remained stable (9 ± 7 to 8 ± 5µM). Conclusion: While nitrite alone was not impacted by treatment, both Resync products result in an increase in plasma NOx, with the increase proportionate to the quantity of “nitric oxide blend” ingredients contained within each product. Future studies are needed to determine the physiological implications of the increased NOx, as pertaining to exercise performance and recovery, in addition to other aspects of human health.

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