Registered dietitians' teaching and adherence promotion skills during routine patient education


Even following education sessions, dietary adherence among medical patients is generally poor. One contributor to this problem may be the quality of teaching and adherence promotion skills employed by Registered Dietitians, whose behavior during routine patient interactions was evaluated in this observational study. Thirty dietitians were videotaped with one of their patients. Twenty operationally defined skills were rated on a scale from 0 (skill absent) to 3 (excellent). Dietitians' interpersonal skills were good (mean = 2.1, S.D. = 0.35), but all other skills were performed significantly less well (mean scores less than 1.0). Adherence promotion skills were rarely observed. Dietitians need supplemental training to improve teaching and adherence promotion skills. © 1992.

Publication Title

Patient Education and Counseling