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Honors Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


World Languages



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Edith Gnanadass

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Barbara Lloyd

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Nicole Detraz


Since the beginning of time those within the Black Community have been shown that they are lesser than the rest of the world. Their people have been ignored, treated as disposables within society, and taught that their existence alone is not wanted. In an ideal society all members are expected to be treated equally, but that is impossible with an uneven starting point. The history of the United States was built off of the exploitation of people of color, depriving them of basic human rights that they themselves left Europe to obtain. Declarations were demanded, lives were lost, but the majority still reigns, feeding the minority bits of justice while claiming things are better than they used to be. Now, in the 21st century, some of White America has determined that People of Color deserve to be treated equally but fail to acknowledge the systemic hurdles that still deprive many of that American Dream the colonizers promised. The White Savior Complex drives White America to be the answer to all the issues that plague Black America, yet their efforts are doing more damage than remedy. Literature will be reviewed while examining proposed topics of research.


Undergraduate Honor's Thesis

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Honors thesis originally submitted to the Local University of Memphis Honor’s Thesis Repository.