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Honors Thesis

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Bachelor of Science


Health Studies


Health Sciences

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Onyejebose Okwumabua


This review explores an array of scientific literature to examine the impact of food insecurity on holistic health in children, adolescents, and adults. This review discusses the environmental factors that affect food insecurity as well as the physiological, behavioral, and psychosocial impact of food insecurity. This report will also provide recommendations for reducing the impacts of food insecurity related to holistic health issues. Peer-reviewed research articles published and or updated from 2015 to present is primarily used to produce the information shown. The report includes the review of 11 studies on the impact of food insecurity on holistic health in rural or urban neighborhoods, adolescents or adults, people of color and non-people of color. The completion of the literature review suggests that food insecurity can have a negative impact on holistic health, especially the health of those living in poor and underserved communities. Ways to combat the negative effects of food insecurity include increasing access to and affordability of fresh foods and the implementation of nutrition education programs in the target population.


Undergraduate Honor's Thesis

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Honors thesis originally submitted to the Local University of Memphis Honor’s Thesis Repository.