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Honors Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

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John Hochstein

Committee Member

Jeffrey Marchetta


Current research at the University of Memphis involves the design of a machine that utilizes an inlet and diffuser to capture hydrokinetic energy from open-channel flow. The objective of this research is to use CFD software to optimize the design of the machine through a study of the diffuser's influence on kinetic energy flowrate. The hypothesis is that a diffuser with a constant pressure gradient in the direction of the flow reduces separation in the diffuser. Smoothing various parts of the geometry at areas of high-pressure gradients promotes a steady return of the flow into the free stream. Initial studies featured variations in angle and curvature at the entrance and exit of the diffuser by the addition of a smoothed entrance and kicker. Further research produced an equation relating diffuser-area to pressure gradient in the mean flow direction that was used to design a curved diffuser.


Undergraduate Honor's Thesis

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Honors thesis originally submitted to the Local University of Memphis Honor’s Thesis Repository.


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