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Honors Thesis

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Bachelor of Business Administration


Marketing Management

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Gregory Boller


This paper reviews the ethical concerns involved with utilizing the advertising technique of celebrity endorsement in promotional campaigns. There are many ethical concerns regarding the topic of celebrity endorsements, and in the beginning of the author's work, you will find three main concerns. The first main concern is for celebrity endorsement becoming false testimony to viewers of the advertisement. The second main concern is for products endorsed by a celebrity that do not perform the way they are promised. The last main concern is for the strong influence that celebrities have on the general public, and how that can manipulate decision making. To fully explain the topic, the author will go into depth about the origins of power, what makes one a celebrity, and how power can be used in positive and negative ways. The author concludes that because of the many ethical concerns regarding celebrity endorsement, and the nature of the power that celebrities wield, using endorsement strategies with famous faces is often manipulative and can be considered unethical.


Undergraduate Honor's Thesis

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Honors thesis originally submitted to the Local University of Memphis Honor’s Thesis Repository.