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Honors Thesis

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Master of Arts




English as a Second Language

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Sage Lambert Graham


Coming out, the act of disclosing a queer identity by an individual, is a fairly new phenomenon that both brings awareness to a marginalized community and allows individuals to self-accept. With the rise of media (television, movies, and social media), coming out has become a more public act where individuals are self-disclosing their identities to mass audiences. With these acts of self-disclosure now happening more frequently in online spaces (especially on social media), the research focused on computer-mediated communication sites with an interest on how identities were disclosed and how other users responded to the disclosure. YouTube has become a popular site for users to post coming out videos as well as view queer content that provides authentic representation. Within the queer community, a disparity between gay and transgender individuals has persisted, and the treatment of these individuals once "out" has differed as well. While YouTube has labelled itself as a welcoming, all-inclusive platform, the presence of anti-queer (both homophobic and transphobic) language remains on this site, especially in the comment sections. Therefore, with the threat of anti-queer language, a textual analysis was conducted in these online spaces to determine overall reaction and the difference in reactions in response to gay and transgender individuals.


Undergraduate Honor's Thesis

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Honors thesis originally submitted to the Local University of Memphis Honor’s Thesis Repository.