Submissions from 2023

Property Rights and Graves, Ralph C. Brashier

Submissions from 2022


Race, mental health, and evictions filings in Memphis, TN, USA, Courtnee Melton-Fant, Austin Harrison, and Katy Ramsey Mason

Submissions from 2021

Co-creating a legal check-up in a school-based health center serving low-income adolescents, Lisa Kessler, Yael Cannon, Nicole Tuchinda, Ana Caskin, Christina Balz Ndjatou, Vicki W. Girard, and Deborah F. Perry

Submissions from 2020

The imperative for trauma-responsive special education, Nicole Tuchinda

Submissions from 2019


The cold war in soviet international legal discourse, Boris N. Mamlyuk

Submissions from 2018

Equality, Liberty, and Education, Daniel Kiel


Rethinking US election law: Unskewing the system, Steven Mulroy

Submissions from 2017

The bright line’s dark side: Pre-charge attachment of the sixth amendment right to counsel, Steven J. Mulroy

Submissions from 2015


Early Soviet property law in comparison with Western legal traditions, Boris N. Mamlyuk

Submissions from 2014

Conservatorship, capacity, and crystal balls, Ralph C. Brashier and Cecil C. Humphreys


Uniting for Peace in the Second Cold War: A Response to Larry Johnson, Boris N. Mamlyuk

Submissions from 2013

The ghostwritten will, Ralph C. Brashier

Locked collections: Copyright and the future of research support, D. R. Jones

The enduring power of Milliken's Fences, Daniel Kiel

Law School Lifelines: A game show-themed review exercise, Steven J. Mulroy

Submissions from 2012


Russian international law and indeterminacy: Cold war and post-Soviet dynamics, Boris N. Mamlyuk

Submissions from 2011

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: Reframing the debate about law school affirmative action, Daniel Kiel

Submissions from 2010

Article accepting Justice Kennedy's dare: The future of integration In a post-pics world, Daniel Kiel

Submissions from 2009


Capitalism, communism . . . and colonialism? Revisiting “transitology” as the ideology of informal empire, John D. Haskell and Boris N. Mamlyuk

Whose idea was it? Why violations of state laws enacted pursuant to federal mandates should not be negligence per se, Barbara Kritchevsky

Submissions from 2005

Litigating attorney's fees: Running the gauntlet, James K. Green and Barbara Kritchevsky

Submissions from 1999

Déjà vu all over again: What to do when the octogenarian really is fertile and other legal conundrums which will result from the cloning of human beings, Kevin H. Smith

Security interests in human materials., K. H. Smith

Submissions from 1998

The way out: A legal standard for imposing alternative electoral systems as voting rights remedies, Steven J. Mulroy