Empowerment: a framework to develop advocacy in african american grandmothers providing care for their grandchildren


Purpose. Based on a review of the literature, this paper presents a unique and innovative model that offers an empowerment framework, which may be used to develop advocacy in African American (AA) grandmother caregivers. This proposed framework centers on education as a catalyst to the empowerment process in these grandmothers. Application of this model has potential to guide the practice of healthcare providers as they assist these caregivers in managing their own lives. Methodology. Various empowerment definitions and research were used to develop this empowerment framework. Discussion. This framework offers an empowerment education program for AA grandmothers providing care for their grandchildren on topics that they feel are necessary to appropriately care for themselves and their grandchildren. Outcomes of this empowerment education are to develop skills within these grandmothers so that they will be able to advocate for themselves, their grandchildren, and others within their communities. This education will ultimately produce skillful AA grandmothers who will develop abilities to empower themselves and other AA grandmothers who are in similar circumstances.

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ISRN nursing