Managing stage 4 ameloblastoma with dual BRAF/MEK inhibition: A case report with 8-year clinical follow-up


We present 8-year follow-up on the first patient with stage 4 ameloblastoma carrying a BRAF V600E mutation treated with dual BRAF/MEK inhibition (BRAF/MEKi). He experienced a durable clinical response while on dabrafenib (BRAFi) and trametinib (MEKi) without toxicity nor evidence for drug-resistant tumor progression. He was asymptomatic when he self-discontinued therapy after 4 years of sustained clinical response. He did not return for follow-up until 2.5 years later with onset of painful mandibular tumor recurrence associated with recurrent bilateral lung metastases. He was rechallenged with dabrafenib/trametinib and experienced another prompt tumor response and remains in a second durable clinical remission (currently > 16 months) on continuous dual targeted therapy. We discuss the implications of this case study for future treatment strategies.

Publication Title

Oral oncology