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1065714831645509-Lucille Ballard 1920s.jpg; 7027100623252053-Lucille Ballard East Trigg Church.jpg; 2244438545345941-Rev. Herbert Brewster East Trigg Church.jpg; 9599678757592299-East Trigg.jpg; 9083621436212593-East Trigg Church Sunday School.jpg; 1070363210465093-Lucille Ballard Douglas.jpg


Set of six images featuring Lucille Ballard Douglas at various stages of life. Most of the images come from the activities and organizations that she was involved in at East Trigg Baptist Church in the middle of the 20th Century.; The first image is of Lucille as a young woman seated in a window looking into the open book in her arms. The image is in its original oval frame.; The second image features three women standing inside the sanctuary of a church between two floor arrangements.; The third image is a group photo of members of East Trigg baptist Church. Written in colored ink on the image is the following, "East Trigg Baptist Church; Rev. W.H. Brewster, D.D. Pastor; Sunday School Jan-1935; Memphis, Tenn." Rev. Brewster is featured sitting in the center of the photograph on the second row.; The third image is of a group of children seated together. They are surrounded by adults standing on either side of the group and behind the group holding the infants in the group.; The fourth image is of a group of children standing together in the sanctuary. There are adults standing with the children.; The last image features a group of people posed together. Some sit at a table and others stand beside and behind the seated women. The table is set up with several place settings. This image was made by Blakely Studio.


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