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3562842967345395-Candy and Me Virginia State 1940.jpg; 7244092905627052-Candy Virg.St. 1940.jpg; 4584526133151729-Ursula Campus 1939.jpg


Three images of coeds on the campus of Virginia State University.; The first image features a young woman and man holding hands. A handwritten name, 'Candy' is written on the image pointing to the young woman and 'Me' is written pointing at the young man. The image is inscribed at the bottom with the following, "Virginia State, 1940."; The second image features the young woman from the first image, 'Candy', with "Virginia State- 1940" handwritten at the bottom.; The third image features a woman walking in a heavy overcoat. A handwritten name, Ursula, is written on the image pointing to the young woman. Inscribed at the bottom of the image is, "Campus, 1939."


Digital Image (c) 2011 Earnestine Jenkins Collection of African American-African Diaspora Photographs. All rights reserved. No unauthorized duplication or transmission permitted. Contact the rights holder: Arts & Visual Cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora, Department of Art, University of Memphis.

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