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Four images featuring women. The first three images are from the 1910s and the last image is from the 1920s. None of the individuals in these images are identified.; The first image features a woman seated in a car with a man standing beside the car on the curb.; The second image is of a woman standing on the steps outside of a house.; The third image is of a group of men and women standing outside of a building. The women are all dressed in light tone outfits and the men wear suits.; The last image features a group of women photographed together. All of the women are dressed in clothes from the 1920s.


Digital Image (c) 2011 Earnestine Jenkins Collection of African American-African Diaspora Photographs. All rights reserved. No unauthorized duplication or transmission permitted. Contact the rights holder: Arts & Visual Cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora, Department of Art, University of Memphis.

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