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1865 June 3, Letter from J. Edward James, Camp Harker, Nashville, Tennessee, to Lizzie James Lamberson, Galena, Illinois.

Excerpt: "Well Lizzie I suppose you are looking every day to see us roll in to town. Well we are looking just as much but we aren't commenced to roll yet though there is every reason to believe that we will before long. Our "Muster out rolls" were sent around last evening. It will take only a few days to make them out and we shall then make for Illinois where we will remain to settle up (perhaps 10 or 14 days) so that by the time we are fairly out of this scruple and snugly at home June will well nigh be gone. As we are from the northern part of Illinois we will no doubt go to the northern rendezvous at Chicago and if we remain there long you will have a good chance of seeing the "Glorious 90". It is proposed by the officers that if we do stop at Chicago the regt. is to make Lake Co. a visit en masse. But we can't see it and I think that when we get so near free as that we will let the officers go where they please and the men do likewise unless I can't help myself. I shall be for making a straight bee line for west Galena up a few flight of stairs on a hill. One thing certain these officers won't find it an easy job to run us around much."




1865 June 3


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1865 June 3, Letter from J. Edward James to Lizzie James Lamberson