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On the cover: Education is defined as a process in which an individual receives instruction, acquires wisdom, gains knowledge or develops a skill. Its definition cannot be confined to a time-lapse of four years at an institution of higher education, nor can it be disguised as a time-tested package that carries a lifelong guarantee against knowledge stagnation. At MSU, the Division of Continuing Studies offers you an opportunity to return to the classroom and learn just for the enjoyment of learning, realizing that education is an infinite process and must be continued.

Also featured, "Tuition reimbursement, They got that degree anyway" by Mary Agnes Welsh

These seven people and many more like them wanted a college education. And, they were willing to work for it. All of them attended and most have earned degrees from Memphis State University while working full-time at Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division. They were smart. These worker-students took advantage of the company's liberal tuition reimbursement program. MLGW pays 75 percent of the actual cost of fees, textbooks and other required materials for each approved course that is successfully completed with a grade of "C" or better.


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1973 January


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The Columns, 1973 January