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Cover Story, "Students Dig for Clues"

Anthropology students Beverly Crawford (left), senior, and Jon McLean, senior, dig for artifacts of prehistoric Indians at Spring Creek, Tenn. During the three-week mini-summer school term, the MSU students lived in tents and did classwork on the banks of the Tennessee River and Kentucky Lake. The two diggers agree that getting the real dirt on the Indians is a dusty job. (Photo by Robert Heaton.)

Also featured, "Time For Talking Is Over"

If you arrived on campus with a lifelong yearning to carve out a career in housing, you were wasting your time to look under "H" in the catalog degree listings. The same situation existed for those with other career plans not easily fitted into the traditional curriculum molds, and for those students with the desire and capability to pursue independent study. It is a situation that may undergo significant changes and revisions in the next few years, according to Dr. Jerry Boone, vice-president for academic affairs.


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1973 July


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The Columns, 1973 July