The Columns, 1974 January


The Columns, 1974 January




Cover Story, "Garbage: An Answer to the Energy Crisis?" by Charles Thornton

Garbage power!! It's a thought for the future and MSU graphic artist Jane Kelley Crowder let her mind wander in developing her own whimsical garbage power machine for converting solid waste to energy. This issue of THE COLUMNS explores the serious idea of a waste disposal system for the City of Memphis, designed by civil engineering associate professor Dr. John W. Smith.

Also featured, "Law Student Zeros in on Equal Right Amendment" by Gloria Trotter

Sara Kaltenborn entered the MSU School of Law and last year wrote an article for the law review concerning the Equal Rights Amendment. As a result of her research on that article, she was invited last November to testify before a subcommittee of the Tennessee Legislature studying proposed changes in the state code to comply with the Equal Rights Amendment. Kaltenborn is a fugitive from molecular biology, a budding expert on women's rights and the first female ever to edit the "Memphis State University Law Review."


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1974 January


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The Columns, 1974 January