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Cover Story, "A Completely New Ball Game" by Susan Crawford

Whether you sympathize with Title IX or loudly oppose it, the guidelines for enforcing it became effective July 21. It is law, and for women athletes, it's a completely new ballgame. Although Memphis State has had a women's athletic program for about 15 years, the University has formulated a plan, subject to revision as sex discrimination regulations become more clear, to adjust to the regulations of Title IX and to expand its women's athletic program over the next three years.

Also featured, "So They Don't Feel Isolated" by Debbie Warrington

Service - to adults, to children, to veterans and to Memphis State graduate students in speech pathology and audiology - this is the Memphis Speech and Hearing Center. The Center, which is administered and operated by Memphis State University in cooperation with the board of Memphis Speech and Hearing Inc., has in the past year, conducted 3,668 new client evaluations, more than 21,000 therapy visits, and 1,139 kindergarten screenings, in addition to providing services to more than 6,000 regular clients.


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1975 November-December


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The Columns, 1975 November-December