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Cover Story, "Job Satisfaction: The Impossible Dream?" by Dr. J. Rex Enoch

The occupation of an individual is probably our best means of social identification. Everett Hughes, one of our most noted sociologists, has referred to a man's occupation as his "calling card and price tag." Some plans of action must be explored if we are going to make it possible for individuals to know the personal satisfaction of a meaningful existence achieved through work experiences. These, hopefully, carryover into other aspects of the workers' lives — their leisure, their family and other personal relationships, and even the spiritual dimensions of their lives.

Also featured, "A Home For West Tennessee's Important Papers"

The West Tennessee Historical Society — the only organization devoted solely to the study and preservation of the history of this area — has found a new home. The Society's valuable papers and manuscripts have been moved from the Memphis Pink Palace Museum to the housing area of the Mississippi Valley Collection in the Memphis State University John Willard Brister Library. The Society's collection of approximately 100,000 items consists of old books and other historical records dealing with the history of West Tennessee.


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1977 March-April


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The Columns, 1977 March-April