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Cover Story, "Buyer's Market: Brand-New Approach to Higher Education" by Susan Crawford

With enrollments leveling off, nationally, and some financially hard-pressed state governments cutting appropriations, higher education can no longer relax in its ivory tower and force the public to play according to its rules. If higher education has become a buyer's market, then perhaps the university community should employ some of the fundamentals of advertising to attract customers, and the first rule of effective advertising is to know your client. In the case of higher education, the client is the student

Also featured, "Silent Stories Of Spirits And Masks" by Sandra Umfress

Step into room 207 of Jones Hall and you are surrounded by over 100 silent staring masks. Plaques beside each mask provide a little detailed information, but once the masks could tell the story on their own. The Neil Nokes African Art Collection is on extended loan to Memphis State from Nokes. Currently stationed at Millington (Tenn.) Naval Base, Cmdr. Nokes collected the artifacts during his three-year stay in Liberia and the Ivory Coast.


Columns.11_3.1978 January-February


1978 January-February


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The Columns, 1978 January-February