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Cover Story, "Adding more life to your years" by Dr. Frank Rosato

The trend towards flabbiness has been gradual, and only in recent years has it been given the serious consideration by health professionals it needs. Modern urban Americans live in a sedentary world. Our agrarian forefathers put in far more than an eight-hour day, and real muscle was usually involved in their efforts. Even today's rural Americans labor less strenuously than their fathers or grandfathers because of the mechanization of farms, nor do modern farmers' wives have the same backbreaking chores their grandmothers did.

Also featured, "Live and learn, die and forget it all" by Sandra Umfress

The Center for Southern Folklore is waging war with progress to capture traditions for posterity. Preserved in the archives of the Center for Southern Folklore in its almost desperate attempt to document the rapidly disappearing folk traditions of the South through films, records and books.


Columns.11_5.1978 May-June


1978 May-June


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The Columns, 1978 May-June