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Cover Story, "Communication and Fine Arts" by Sandra Umfress

It has been a year since the College of Communication and Fine Arts was established at Memphis State University. The offspring of the College of Arts and Sciences, it has been busy taking root among the older and more recognized colleges of the University. Originated when the College of Arts and Sciences became too large with 18 departments encompassing a vast number of majors and over half the faculty, the young College is unique in its configuration of the journalism, theatre and communication arts, music and art departments, according to the new dean Dr. Richard Ranta.

Also featured, "Bancroft readies hormone K.O. for boll weevil" by Melanie Bratton

In spite of new chemical pesticides and the challenge from recent worm infestations, the boll weevil remains the undisputed champion of all cotton crop destroyers. After more than four years of research, Dr. Harold R. Bancroft, associate professor of biology, and his team of students and faculty, have found what could prove to be the means of making boll weevils a very endangered species.


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1978 July-August


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The Columns, 1978 July-August