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Cover Story, "Non-verbal communication: Your body has a language all its own" by Dr. Bobby G. Greer and Joyce E. Greer

We have come to place a great deal of emphasis on the printed and spoken word. Yet, we are all aware, if we think about it, that there is much more to human interaction than the mere linguistic symbols (words) exchanged between two individuals. We unconsciously place more emphasis than we think on other aspects of behavior—appearance, gestures, tone of voice, etc. Until the past few years, you could find very little in popular literature on this, subject, yet all of us have learned a great deal about it from everyday experience.

Also featured, "Style reflected in career" by Gabby Mecklenborg

Dr. Willie W. Herenton is a man of style as well as substance, and he likes for that style to be manifested in his surroundings. For example, one of the first things Herenton did last year after taking over as superintendent of the Memphis City Schools was to redecorate his new office. And just as Herenton's style is reflected in his office, so too is his background reflected in his character. His upbringing and early struggle to get an education can now be seen in the hopes and aspirations of the man who became the first black to hold the top executive post in the Memphis City School System.


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1979 December


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